Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sacred Space

Creating a Sacred Space is one of the most important aspects of a Wiccan Ritual. This can be also found in Sinhalese Paganism. To mark the threshold of the Sacred Space in Wicca, we usually light four candles for each direction.

In Sinhalese Paganism this is done by constructing four "Mal-Paela"; where an oil lamp is lit inside a basket made of a coconut branch suspended on a tripod. This basket is turned inwards the sacred space and keeps the oil lamp from the wind.

In Sinhala Paganism, a light is not lit on the level of ground, because it is believed that it will welcome evil spirits. Therefor, whenever a light is lit, it should be kept above the ground level.

An oil lamp is more common in the south asian region, than candles.

When casting a circle in Wicca, first we sprinkle water, and then with incense censor.

To sprinkle water, in Sinhalese Paganism, and in Buddhism, an Araka-Nut flower bud cluster is used. This is considered as a very pure thing grown on a tall tree. By sprinkling water, the sacred space is purified.

To burn incense a coconut shell is used, because charcoal is not commonly used to burn insence in South Asian region. Since coconot shells can be easily found, it is widely used in this region.

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