Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Answering Questions - Are all wiccans evil?

Wicca is a neo-pagan religion focused on the self, and the nature. A Wiccan abide by the law of "An it harms none, do what thou will!". This is the basic percept of Wicca.

Wicca does not acknowledge any supreme powers either total Evil or total Good. Both the forces of Good and Evil are in everything around us.

The nature follows the law of constant development and constant degradation. This circle of change brings forth new things out of existing things, and takes away the old things recycling material for the new things. Human beings can view the process of degradation as an All Evil Force; some people call it Devil.

A Tornado, Tsunami or an Earthquake has destructive powers of nature that takes away the old, to make space for the new. Wiccans wouldn't take it as a force of Evil, it is a part of the nature, to balance the world.

A new life is born with the union of the life forces of a male and a female; this is the ultimate magic of the constructive forces of the nature. Plants grow on the earth and brings up the earth's life forces and energizes with the powers of the sun light, and gives breathable air and nutritious food to the animal kingdom.

A Lightning Thunder is a release of a massive amount of natures forces. Hindus and Buddhists believe that it is the weapon of the God Indra, and the Greco-Roman belief is the weapon of Zeus the king of Gods. A Lightning thunder can destroy a Giant Tree or a Mammoth turning it to ashes in no time. But the modern science has fount that Lightening fixes Nitrogen so that plants can grow, or else turning the earth to a desert. We can't say a Lightening thunder is a force of either Pure Good or Absolute Evil, it is a part of the nature, we have to accept it as it is.

In the Wiccan belief, there is no single force behind all this, because it is too complex for a single consciousness to handle. These forces of the nature are all governed by themselves. The collective Life Force of this Earth fuelled by our Sun is a Gem in a dessert of this Universe.

However, there are people who dresses up weird and wear a pentacle and claim to be "Wiccan" for the shock value of it. But the real Wiccans who understands what I have mentioned above wouldn't even show a sign of being Wiccan to the outside world. If you read the above paragraphs, you will now know what the Wiccans think about good or evil. And in that context, Wiccan's say they are not evil.