Friday, April 3, 2009


Wicca was started in England. Most of the practices of Wicca comes from the Celtic, Pictish, Norse and Stregha pagan practices. As Wicca is spreading through the world, people around the world embraces this new path. Some parts of the Wiccan path may not be well applied in some parts of the world.

For an example, the Wheel of the Year that applies to Europian countries, America would not be same for a country in monsoon climate system. Therefor some practices, terminology of Wicca has to be reformed to suit for people in these parts of the world.

In this project, we try to maintain the core concepts of Wicca and configure the peripheral beliefs and practices. And we further try to blend the regional pagan beliefs and practices in to this Wiccan Tradition without deforming the style and aura of Wicca.

We focus the people in South Asian reagon in this project. To make this project a success we will do many research and finally form a coven of the New Eastern Tradition.

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