Sunday, April 5, 2009

The God and Goddess of Sinhalese Paganism

Goddess Pattini
Pattini worship started in South India, and later came to Sri Lanka. But Goddess Pattini became more popular in Sri Lanka than in India. In India, she was known as Kannaki. She is the Goddess of Fertility.

Goddess Pattini can be considered as the Goddess for New Eastern Wicca Tradition.

God Kaelebandara
God Kaelebandara is the keeper of the forest, God of the trees. The word 'Kaelebandara' means, "Lord of the Forest". In old days whenever someone passes the threshold to a forest, they would hang a branch on a tree and worship the God Kaelebandara for safe return.

God Kaelebandara can be considered as the God for New Eastern Wicca Tradition.

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